Private/One on One Classes

One on one

  • Concession Price: $110
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First session with me is 2 hours: $180 (concession $160) includes initial phone/email consultation/ personal set to take home, introduction to kundalini yoga principles and personal class direct experience.

One on one classes are a very powerful way to get the most out of Kundalini Yoga practice. Private classes enable us to discuss your situation and needs and hence allow us to tailor exercises, meditations and breathwork specifically for you.

Kundalini Yoga addresses anything from physical to emotional to energetic wellbeing. It allows the release of blocked energy, balances body and mind and integrates these. You will be given your personal set of exercises (kriya) to practice as often as you are able between sessions. This will accelerate the benefits of the private yoga sessions for you immensely.

For example, if you have a sore lower back, we would use a set of yogic exercises to help you realign and strengthen that area as a focus. If you are also feeling stressed in life, or not sleeping well, we would look at a meditation and breath techniques to aid you in that area of your life. While someone else may wish to work on shoulder tensions created by hours on the computer, where you would be given a kriya to include with a focus which is more on the upper torso, to rebalance and release tensions in that area; this same person may also experience depression and we have meditation practice to work together in synergy with this. There are literally thousands of kriyas and meditations we can chose from, and to combine, to specifically suit your personal needs.