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Auric field cleansing … how to do it and WHY is it sooooo important .. and a little GIFT for you…

just like the beautiful pure iceberg rose I photographed above, this purity and radiance is you …

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So allow me to start with an overall summary, and then get into the details .. in case you are busy and need to skim read: 

This week: AURA CLEANSING WEEK! WHY AND HOW AND MORE! THURSDAY 7PM SUNDAY 4PM. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MAT, BLANKET, PILLOW AND WATER. What I have in the cupboard is meant for yogis who didn’t know yet to bring their own stuff or for yogis who were prevented from bringing their own gear. That’s why I have ‘spares’ available. It is meant to be needed occasionally.

This week also:
Bring a small container so I can share (give you some of) my favourite amazing body scrub which also cleanses your AURA! Toxin free and elevating!

This week also:

IF you can: please wear whites or lighter colours – ideally cotton/silk/wool  – to experience the expansion of the auric field to its fullest. (no obligation just a suggestion – you will feel it in synthetics and dark clothing too, just not as much that’s all).

Dates for your diary: 

1st September dinner – I must cancel – I didn’t realise it is FATHER’s day!!!! Soooo sorry !!! New date is now: Sunday the 29th of September! I sincerely would LOVE to see you all there for an amazing evening / dinner with you all! It is Cinnamon Club, just a 4 minute stroll from our yoga class… 6:30-8:30pm ish. Please RSVP to me by replying to this email if you’re interested and attending.

AMAZING ART workshop:
one-off chance for pretty much private tuition to learn about the spiritually divine art of veil painting!!! I can’t wait! Amazing weekend: September 21 & 22. For more details see below.

AURA SPRAY making class uniquely for you:

Sunday 8th September 6-8pm after class.
Just $50. And I supply all you need! More details below!

What’s happening the next 3 weeks between the finishing of the chakra series and the start of the 10 light bodies of consciousness (for which I am offering amazing commitment rewards)? 

Coming up: Amazing 3 weeks (1st September -22nd September) of polishing and fine tuning the chakras with many new techniques, specifically to keep in the full flow of ALL chakras. There is so much I wish to share that I couldn’t teach in the chakra series. I promise you’ll LOVE these!!!!!!!!

I’ll teach you incredible transformative kundalini yoga practises to create even flow through all these centres of consciousness, clearing blockages, moving the divine kundalini energy in a graceful way, according to YOUR highest good … the kundalini energy is powerful and with the correct, honoured, original teachings, you will have a most graceful, beautiful experience that is sustainable! You don;t want a quick high and then a low to recover .. we want to sustain a healthy increase in our capacity to hod higher frequencies. Be careful of people that offer you a quick fix and no after-care and no continuum… all of these offerings would be a big red flag to me. When we accelerate our spiritual growth we must be aware, gentle, ready with an aligned teacher that is honouring the ancient practise and not prioritising on making money quickly … I taught kundalini yoga in my first year for free .. I charged yes, but I made no financial profit .. but was LOVING it all the same, as the gift of teaching and helping humanity far outweighs anything else … 100%.

The deepening continues.

The more you keep your body and energetic field cared for, the more your life is full of alignment, radiance, grace, ease, clarity and JOY! This is the teaching of kundalini yoga through my eyes and my direct experience .. and so many of you have also shared that you are experiencing this from just one class a week. It is a maintenance for sure, and like everything in life, if we value it, we spend time nurturing and cultivating it, right? I am 100% passionate, grateful and always focussing on the health of my being – especially the inner energetic vibration. It literally determines how we live! So I cannot ignore this ever. Shining our bright light is so important … it is the key to all … and for all.. literally!

You wouldn’t just brush your teeth for a few weeks and feel that was finished and enough? It is even deeper with our inner alignment of the chakras and layers of consciousness…

September 26th we start the amazing 10 bodies of consciousness!
The details are in our upcoming newsletter! Coming in a few days!! With excellent early bird self-commitment rewards!!! 10 week amazingness! Superb! Includes some kundalini numerology, reflections, specific meditations and kriyas for the 10 light bodies that affect you and are part of you! I shared a bit on instagram already.

So much joy and blessings to all.. shine super brightly, all you need is within you always!!!! It is enormous JOY to share this divine journey with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you!!!!

Sat Nam, Sabine Abnashjot

Deep relaxation with the Gong and gentle guided relaxation. During our chakra series we had only 5-8 minutes as classes were do deep and full … once the series are finished, we are having LONGER deep relaxation practise through guided meditation, sound healing with the crystal lyre (set to 432 Hz heart earth frequency and balancing chakras through sound alignment), crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls and much more! Being able to to RELAX, LET GO, SURRENDER is a huge gift to yourself in countless ways: you literally ONLY benefit from it. I talk about this in many of my classes. It is essential and will give you EXTRA energy and peace, healing and overall greater wellbeing! Guaranteed!!

Some sweet images from some of our recent classes .. so much has been unfolding, so many significant events all lining up with our chakra series, to amplify and accelerate the experience! We have been deeply blessed! Notice how your decisions and thinking have already shifted. It is inevitable with the kundalini yoga women’s practise of our pure and aligned intentions for our highest good, with grace!

Did you know that each class is holy and sacred to me, seriously… ! Deeply. I always feel that sacredness of the classes, your presence, and the massive light that shines upon and through us! I have a preparation ‘ritual’ where I contemplate and then shower, then put on fresh white clothes and get in the car to teach … there I spend 30 or more minutes setting up the space, moving things around, tidying up (if it needs it), lighting candles, setting up lamps, tables with information and generally making it warm and cosy … I am aware of the upcoming energy and LOVE it … I am guided as to the specific high frequency music/sound, the meditation and kriya .. and then words of elevation and inspiration just flow .. through a deep feeling of utterly unconditional love for all before me. Just thought I would share … Feel free to share with me any time too!

As you know I stay on the mat for 30 minutes after class for group discussions/questions and sharing. Feel free to write also! Simply reply to this newsletter … I warmly welcome it!

Making YOUR own, personalised aura cleanser to uplift and align with yourself!

This little workshop will teach you a bit more about how to use the high vibrational essential oils from the plant kingdom and how to create an alchemy for your wellbeing, your next steps in life, a letting go of something, or just a general aura cleansing overall …

We will use intent and techniques from NLP /hypnosis /yoga to use our unique awareness to make this very powerful!

I will supply blue glass bottles, labels and all essential oils, plus print outs you can take home to study some of their qualities!

You can book in via the free kundalini studio app, or email me.

Exchange: $50

When? Sunday 8th September 6-8pm in the chapel after yoga. Feel free to bring some snacks to eat while we create!

Blessings always!!!!


You have all you need within you, remember that!
Your arua is your vibrational shield, your radiance! It reflects your inner state of being. When it is healthy and strong, you are invincible! Nothing can get through your state of being and rattle it; you are centred within your own bubble of radiance and inner connectedness.
Did you know that most diseases start from the auric field? This is how some psychics can see it … but they don’t seem to teach you how you can cleanse it … how essential its health is …
It is a reflection of you, and everyone senses it a mile away, whether they are consciously aware of it or not! It communicates with the world …. it is a gift, and a chakra  field of energy you can work with! Isn’t that fantastic?
We have the capacity to clear it in many ways!
So bring your journals and write some of this down and enjoy the direct experience!!!!!!! It is powerful and very yogic! Intention and awareness, breath and movements … plus more extra tips on how to keep it healthy and radiant!
It literally repels negative energy from latching into your field! And equally in reverse, certain things you might be doing weaken the field and hence allow negative, unhealthy things to get to you easily … this is the world we live in .. all is connected and interacts …  how conscious you are determines whether you know how to direct your field to where you want it to be, or whether it is just the same way each day …
Let’s work with this potent field and enliven and inspire empowered living from the heart and soul!
I am right here for this!!!Blessings!!!!


Spiritual Art Workshop – highly compatible with kundalini yoga – VEIL painting

Nourish your whole being over a weekend to yourself – as you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of colour.

Experience the health-bringing effects of developing an intimate and personal relationship with the beings of colour.

This weekend immersion and mini retreat is a deep privilege, as Madonna travels from Melbourne to teach us the art of veil painting. Examples are posted in this link/invite below. This art form is not taught in South Australia to the general public, so I am deeply excited to offer this to you here!!!

You can find out more about our teacher Madonna below.

Together we will dive deeply into the world of colour through colour meditation, observation and water colour painting. Whether an experienced painter or someone who has never imagined themselves picking up a paint brush, this workshop will enrich your inner life and lead you into a world of awakening.

You will explore the technique of veil painting: a beautiful, soft, spiritually-inspired art-form that gently counters the harshness of modern life. You will experience the deeply nourishing effect of pure colour overlaid in sheer layers (veils), working slowly and meditatively to gradually build depth and dynamism on the paper. Witness the social activity of the colours as they come into conversation with each other on the page, and feel the wonder of being invited into their world.

Both days will be quite full, enriching and transformative and you will find it most helpful if you are able to create some quiet space for yourself in the evenings to digest and reflect.

I am delighted to be sharing this work with you and look forward to our time together.

All art materials provided. You will create 2 pieces of personal contemplative art.

Please bring a shared vegetarian lunch for both days.

Refreshments and drinks e.g. tea, water, light refreshments and juice provided!

You will be held in sacred space in a divine, creative environment, to express, share, contemplate according to your unique way and needs. St David’s church, Glynburn Road, in Burnside, which is beautiful, is warm, light-filled and spaceous!

About Madonna:
“Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself: my name is Madonna Holmes.

I am an experienced teacher with both state and Waldorf (Steiner) training. For more than 20 years I have been teaching in primary schools, both public and private, throughout Melbourne, Australia, and I love to teach.

In recent years my teaching has branched out from the role of classroom generalist into the area of painting. I have fulfilled the role of painting teacher in Anthroposophic settings in Australia and in China, where I have taught in a number of Steiner Kindergarten Teacher Training centres as well as fulfilling the role of assistant and support teacher in an Anthroposophic Painting Therapy training.

I am constantly inspired by the privilege it is to support others in their striving toward new thresholds in their personal, spiritual and artistic development, and am thrilled by every new opportunity to bring alive the spirits of light, darkness and colour through working with watercolour and charcoal.”

This will be a workshop for anyone who is willing to explore their artistic nature further, men and women are invited, couples discount available!

Early bird and concession available, please see details below:

For further information please comment on this invitation or message me on or M: 0424029032.

Early bird: Bookings before 22nd of August: $50 discount!!

This is a two day workshop/ creative art contemplation of a spiritual and contemplative nature! A rare offering!
If you love the art-form and wish to buy the equipment to further paint in your own home, you can ask Madonna about purchasing your own equipment that you use during class (all is brand new for the classes, and custom made)

Regular fee is: $360
Concession: $310

Bookings are via direct transfer to
Kundalini Studio
BSB 105 086
Account 053 430 240
Please text/email your screen shot of payment to register.

Remember: Early bird: Bookings before 22nd of August: $50 discount!!

Take out time for yourself to dive deep into your flow, introspection and the world of colour …. to inspire and guide you at the start of Spring and elevate you into Summer with increased awareness, harmony and joy! You will have your own artistic expression to take home! I am sure it will be divinely beautiful! Letting your heart and soul paint…. bliss … the true you!

This is a true gift from YOUR heart and soul to YOUR heart and soul!

So in Summary:

Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday 10 am-5pm. This is a two day immersive experience of self care & self-discovery/retreat.

Venue: St David’s Church Glynburn Road, Burnside
Contact: or message on this invitation
M: 0424 029 032

Early bird: before and including 22nd of August – $50 discount

Regular fee: $360
Concession $310

This is priceless. And you cannot learn this anywhere in South Australia.

It will be nurturing and deeply transformative through meditative contemplation and the world of colour and water on paper … your unique creation. Soul art! ♥

Couples discount: $20 off each registration as a couple/mother daughter/husband/wife etc.

Image above and below by Madonna (veil painting)

A little YouTube about your fire element!

More YouTubes coming soon!

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Here is a small intro:

             First Body: Soul Body

  • The spark of the Infinite that resides in the core of your being.
  • Qualities: Humility, creativity. Realizing the eternal nature of your soul, so you naturally embody humility and creativity.

Second Body: Negative (Protective) Mind

  • Identifies possible dangers or shortcomings in a situation. Expresses protective caution about the future, sees the downside or pitfalls in every situation out of a genuine sense of caring.
  • Qualities: Conservative containment, discipline to avoid the precarious

Third Body: Positive (Expansive) Mind

  • You elevate others through your enthusiastic, trusting and hopeful energetic projection.
  • Qualities: Equality, positivity

Fourth Body: Neutral (Meditative) Mind

  • Is seduced by neither the negative nor positive intellect, rather dwells in the tranquility of non-emotional intuition.
  • Qualities: Service, compassion, integration, balance, wisdom