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Warm greetings to you!!

We are going to build up a huge amount of energy specifically through pranayam (breath styles) this week! This will link you up strongly with your pranic body. Mastery of the panic body will give you mental mastery also.

Here we are going from the ‘finite’ (physical) to the ‘Infinite’, because through the pranic body you have literally infinite amounts of energy available to you – invisible, indivisible, limitless. This you can draw on with the breath.

In kundalini yoga we have specific breath signatures for this to be accelerated and a sequence of breath signatures like a kriya to create a powerful shift and clearing of your blockages in the pranic body.

This affects your entire life, in terms of energy levels, vibrancy, health and mental stability.

When your pranic body is strong, you literally are fearless. Not in a silly way, but more from a wise awareness of allowing yourself to transcend fears that hold you back.

You feel energetic and connected.

You believe in and experience abundance.

You have mental mastery.

You have the ability to transfer energy to others.

You are confident in your connection to the infinite source.

You naturally look beyond the world of polarity.

You know how to plug in at the will to the Infinite source of energy.

You are able to resolve all duality.

You have at your fingertips a very powerful capacity, all through the gift of the breath.

A bit of housekeeping:

Please book into classes via my website 

Please bring your cup (for free yogi tea), mat, blanket and water to class. Wear layers so you can be warm and as you heat up, you can adjust your clothing layers. 

Please note: No classes while I am away holding the Bali retreat with two friends:
So no classes for 1 week only: 

No class July 9th (Thursday) and July 12th (Sunday).

Also a very special fundraiser is held on Saturday the 25th of July to raise awareness for brain cancer and for  research too. All funds go to this cause.  It is a kundalini yoga class in a beautiful venue in North Adelaide. Your gift to yourself is kundalini yoga in amazing group consciousness (80 yogis), and your gift to the world is your kind offering of  $25 to the brain cancer foundation trough my website. Bookings are via my website under ‘special events’.

Time of event: 3pm-4:30pm. Bookings and payment online are essential. We are catering to offer tea/refreshments and to FILL the room with 80 yogis that will be there. No prior yogic experience is required for this class. Please bring your own mat and blanket, and yes, spares are available. It is going to be incredible!!! 

Deep namaste and so much gratitude for life itself and you!
Sabine Abnashjot
Research has shown that doing a Kundalini Yoga Meditation with chanting for 12 minutes/day over 8 weeks lowers depressive symptoms significantly.

It also has shown to slow down aging and decreasing inflammation.

The meditation used in this  research was Kirtan Kriya, SA TA NA MA.
KRI research Institute, USA. 

“There’s nothing which can be more precious in you than your own relationship with your own consciousness.” Yogiji