Sat Nam dear Yogis!!!

Great news! With world yoga day around the corner I am so excited about pure giving, that I will give all participants a raffle ticket on the night and at the end we shall draw a winner who will get 8 free yoga classes for the upcoming CHAKRA series! (worth $176)

The chakra series start on the Sunday the 1st of July (until Sunday the 19th of August), one chakra per week!

So give to receive and join us on Thursday the 21st of June for the powerful and highly auspicious WORLD YOGA DAY, to join globally in raising vibrations!! YOU YOURSELF WILL ELEVATE AND HELP THE PLANET/HUMANITY TO GO INTO HIGHER VIBRATION, WE ALL HELP EACH OTHER BY JOINING AS ONE, ON THIS POWERFUL GLOBAL PHENOMENON OF A DAY!!! Let’s do this, heart and soul! It is easy to talk about this kind of thing, but to BE there is incomparable!

The theme for this newsletter is the gift of GIVING. What it really means and the yogic path around that. And can you receive? Yourself, your truth, your soul and what you truly wish for in life?

Healthy and conscious receiving and giving are the perfect marriage .. they dance together, and as they swirl across the dance floor of life, there is immense harmony, joy, and bliss. Within.

Giving is really truly joy! You know how great it feels to give without anyone even expecting it, when you surprise someone or just do things fully anonymously.

World yoga day is about that, getting out to go there, to give, and willing to really receive the blessings that naturally arise from it. The blessing of your contribution, for everything out there affects you. One extra uplifted human, through your intent and presence, affects your world; for we are inseparable.

We lead by example by how we treat ourselves, giving ourselves what we need, asking for what we need, which can take courage and humbleness and an alignment with truth too. Communicating our needs or wishes in a loving way. That is an art form, and only with awareness and practise can this be deepened. As you do this, and take time for yourself for example, you teach others how beneficial this is, and they may adopt it also. You start the wave … and it grows, in ways you can barely imagine! Even little things make a HUGE difference!

Put your name in your diary for self care treats! Time to yourself, or special creative projects! It will benefit your being so much. It will release stress and create more joy, which you can then share with family and friends.

It really is up to us, each one of us, to be aware of this change that is needed in the fast paced, instant-gratification, and more and more overload of info processing vs pure being and simplicity of being here, truly!

I feel we all need to stop delaying this, by thinking that a vacation in 6 months will balance out our lives, for it will barely touch your life in contrast to regular healthy ability to give and receive time, love, care, joy and experience that your happiness is within. Really experiencing each day as the gift that it is.

Nothing external can deliver it to you! Temporarily it may feel like it, a thrill comes along, a positive surprise .. but nothing prolonged… the way of health, longevity, youthfulness and a rich and dynamic living each day, is in taking each day consciously into our awareness … giving to those in need, but first give to yourself, to your being. An empty (or half stagnant) can of water cannot hydrate the pot plant.

So ask yourself, and make a list of what this represents to you? And schedule it into your calendar and commit to YOURSELF. Your first true love .. from that place onwards, the world will mirror this back to you …

Yes, serve the world: your family, friends, jobs, passions … but not at the expense of running yourself down so that you have an early burn out, or need to spend a lot of time and energy (and extra money) trying to rescue the stress on your physiology and emotional wellbeing… meditation is pivotal for that increased awareness.

Write that list now … imagine … this is your power! You can do this!!! All you need is within you!!!! And the people around you will see this, feel it and receive gifts through this from you. You will make healthier choices, and look at life differently, in a more enthusiastic and clear way, feeling empowered. This is a law, and it works.

In yogic terms, giving is a conscious spiritual practise … it just is. And I don’t usually spell it out, but I give a good amount of my yogic income to charity. Since the early years (7 years ago) of running kundalini studio, I (= kundalini studio = you too) adopted a cute orang utan for example .. that is our kundalini studio baby, his name is Monti! Maybe I ought to announce such things more, and the charities to which we have given in our many free classes – fundraiser classes . Over $1000 went to brain cancer research, which was super awesome! We gave to the RSPCA and Can Do for Kids, to women’s shelters, to Greenschool (Bali), and many more, I cannot think of them all right now … It is such JOY Thank you all for your immense support! I feel so blessed to be able to teach yoga for free for causes!!! I love being able to sponsor and support artists and musicians for our kundalini community!

Like Yogi Bhajan said often:
“Keep up (in this case kundalini yoga) and you will be kept up!”

And “Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”

“Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too”

“Share your strengths, not your weaknesses.”

“Your total life is nothing without activity. When you are not acting, you are dead. You act in sleep also. You act through dreams. You act through mental vibrations. You are continually vibrating. The moment you don’t vibrate you are dead. Death is nothing but nonvibration of a finite unit. That’s all death is. ”
― Yogi Bhajan, The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan: The Power of the Spoken Word

By the way the ballroom is free for our fundraiser days! So nobody’s money is going into paying for that.

As for other news, briefly:
CHAKRA SERIES (annual event)
July we begin chakra series, each chakra in detail, spread over a magnificent 8 weeks!!
I hope you can make it!!!

I put my full passion into this.
How the chakras (each) affect you, how imbalances feel, what each learning and gift is of each chakra, and how to harmonise them, enhance them and truly enjoy this knowledge to enrich and support your life.

You life is in your chakras, and connecting to their gifts, in experience of what they offer, plus how they affect your organs and endocrine system, is truly amazing !!!

We shall include sound, colour, meditation, kundalini yogic techniques, and aromatherapy oils.

Feel free to journal your journey and take notes in class. I will offer moments for that.

It will be a profound journey… if you can’t attend each week, it is okay. There is revision and overlap. And trust where you are meant to be… you know!

INDIA: We are going to India, the divine sublime Himalayas again on October 2020! All details coming to you soon!

For your diary:
Women’s classes as a casual class (bookings essential, as there is many of us, and only space for 8 yoginis).

They will be 7-8:30 pm and the usual yogic rates of $18 concession and $22 waged.

The class is listed in the kundalini studio app.

Other than that we have the usual classes listed below!

June 21st is world yoga day at the Ballroom!!!
It is a very high energy to be enjoying yoga with the world as a whole … lots of heart chakra kundalini yoga!

All proceeds will go to charity! Last years went to Green school in Bali!

Before that was the RSPCA, then “Can do for kids”, then The Orang Utan Project – a fantastic cause! I highly recommend! – did you know we sponsor a little cutie pie Orang Utan called Monti under Kundalini Studio from your money you give me? That is since over 7 years now.

I love being able to create income for charities through offering my time and to be giving you the joy of incredible group energy and really potent opportunities for transformation as we sit in large groups! Usually around 100 people have been attending our world yoga day. I’ll open up bookings soon.

Join us and bless yourself and the planet!

So do check out the kundalini studio blog. There is a huge field of info! Actually when I changed to a new website, the earliest newsletters didn’t get transferred over .. but you have years of them there!

Also I am getting into creating YouTubes to share teachings and knowledge for you to enjoy. Feel free to subscribe: Inspired Matrix. It is slow but happening!!!!

Direct experience is everything. Focus on that, for all else is borrowed and not your realisation .. my words can only point or inspire you to find your truth, which is your great treasure within!

Enjoy the journey!

I am here to hold space, encourage and remind you of your divinity and to offer the space rto go deep within, feel safe, nurtured to be YOU. I also offer sound healing, NLP, Hypnosis, timeline regression and DNA healing and of course meditation and breath work classes!

In July, after world yoga day, I will delve into each chakra as a chakra series of delving deeper again.

Great for deeper contemplation, healing and awareness! It will be a series, so each week a chakra, and hence go for 8 weeks, the 7 chakras plus the auric field!

Love yourself, from your deepest heart, so you can share your light with the planet …

See you in class or workshops … it is my privilege to serve you!

Sat Nam and blessings,
Abnashjot (Sabine)

M: 0424 029 032