Sat Nam dear Yoginis

So over Easter and all of APRIL our classes are ongoing: so Thursday nights 7 pm are on, and Sunday 4 pm is all happening  at the Clayton Wesley Chapel – the church is not needing our hall! I am also teaching on Anzac day! Would LOVE to see you in our cosy space!

Please bring your own mat, blanket and water.

As I’ve been teaching from my home, and was away interstate a lot over the last 5 months, I am allowing some time before I commence the upcoming 8 week chakra series.

I am running special promotions to inspire you all to return to our classes and get back into the kundalini yogic swing! I know how life can take us off into new divine directions and we get into habits that then take effort to be realigned. Well I am well and truly BACK, settled and here 100%! So if you wish to get into a routine, get a class pass and join in with our specialised women’s kundalini yoga classes, you can!!

I deeeeply LOVE our new women’s classes!

Check it out for yourself if you haven’t been yet. It is beyond description.

Check out the specials of “bring a friend for free for their first class”; and  our special “MOTHER and DAUGHTER” PROMOTION: bring your daughter for free for a month!

Included below is our heart chakra blend, which was amazing and soothing! It can help with restful sleep also! IT REALLY IS LIKE PURE , SOOTHING LOVE! I will have the aura spray version at class!

I will run workshops on how to create your personal vibrational essence in the next few months, plus hormonal balance /detox workshops, sleep workshops and deep relaxation only classes.

Let me know your thoughts anytime by emailing me! I love to hear from you!

See you soon! Autumn is pure magic in Adelaide!!!!!

Blessings, joy and high energy… Sabine Abnashjot
Thursdays 1:10 pm FREE meditation at the Burnside Ballroom is for anyone! An amazing group of people! Incredible sanctuary and we simply love it! Try it and bring anyone who wants to learn or dive deeper with meditation… in a safe and beautiful environment.

Here is a freedom of health care action request from you. It looks as if integrative medicine is at a great threat .. please check the link, decide for yourself and take your chosen action for your freedom of choice … your every support makes a difference …

Here is the link:

Have you wanted to introduce a dear friend, relative or even just an acquaintance who is needing help with deeper inner joy, peace  and inner alignment? Now you can invite them as your guest, or share the class by both of you sharing the one booking. Bring a friend for free in April! Enjoy!!! I  have created an intro package with information about the benefits and how kundalini yoga works – you can share this with them at class (it is a print out).

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Booking in is via our website or our free app kundalini studio.
Keep in touch with updates via instagram and facebook if you can!



YOGI TEA for amazing health overall

Supports digestion, detoxing, is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and much more!
In about 2-3 Litres of boiling water add:
20 cloves
20 black peppercorns
20 crushed cardamom pods
1 slice of ginger
1 quill of cinnamon

Allow to boil for 10 -20 minutes.

You can store it in the fridge and reheat it  for a few days at least!

Be playful. Change proportions according to your taste.

You can add your preferred milk, your favourite sweetener, and black tea leaves if you wish. I drink it plain, just water and the 5 ingredients. Listen to your amazing intuition as always!!!




Our special Heart Chakra blend recipe

For our recent heart chakra and fundraiser class (THANK you all again! We raised $200 for Hope Cafe!!) we had give aways of pure essential oils mixes to support heart chakra elevation and clearing.

Here is the recipe I used for our 8 bottles:
Just stick the the proportions for smaller amounts.

If you love supporting yourself with the amazing pure and high vibrations of essential oils, ask me anytime about how to open your own wholesale account! It is just $35 and super easy!!!

Heart Chakra Blend:

Lavender Peace: 50
Lavender: 50
Wild Orange 30
Frankincense 30

The rest is fractionated coconut oil.

Lavender Peace is a mixture of:
Ho Wood
Ylang ylang
Roman chamomille
Vanilla bean absolute
Hawaiian sandalwood

It is HEAVEN and DoTerra creates that mixture. It is only about $46 pure concentrate, wholesale!