Kundalini Yoga in Greece

Join us for an amazing journey to Greece ...

Loving Yourself With The Help Of Raising And Balancing Your Kundalini

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Warm Greetings to you on this wonderful Valentine's day - symbolic of love, world wide .. Of course it is love day, every day, every moment ...  Often Valentine's day is an opportunity for so many realisations: why am I waiting for that day to express my love differently? Do I think about the gift

Our Last Outdoor Class This Saturday In Hazelwood Park 🌻🍃

Our last outdoor class this Saturday in Hazelwood Park 🌻🍃 Warm greetings to you!! 🐳🐥🐘🐯 The image above is from our recent outdoor kundlini yoga class in Bridgewater at The Castle! Truly magical by the lake, the little birch forest and divine birdsong, and even a cute rabbit peaked our way... The air was pure

Deepen Meditation ~ Three Mini Kriyas ~ Details Below!

Sat Nam to you!!! Amazingness for this week as always!!! Here is an inspiration for you! You are IT! All you are looking for is within yourself ... your divine inner peace, truth, guru, breath, experience ... every vision, every sensation is perfect and uniquely you. And everything in life is on your side ...

Gong Week!!!

Warm greetings dear yogis! Oh what bliss!!!! Sound healing Gong bath by Don Conreaux tonight, with the divine Jaye joining him to create an incredible experience beyond words!!! Then Wednesday a workshop with the world gong mater himself!!!! Totally cannot wait!!! Except must stay in the NOW ... ok... breathe deeply ... I can do


Sat Nam and warm greetings to you!!! Be inspired! For you are literally infinite potential in every moment! The yogis knew it, quantum physics is revealing this! So .... remember: You already are divine brilliance, right now! If you don't consciously know it, it is just because you have bought into the ways of the

What’s All This Chakra Talk Really?

This week: Crystal bowl healing, attuned to going beyond duality. Mental integration into the neutral mind and expanded consciousness beyond 'right' and 'wrong'. First: Grounding - then a new set: all chakra energiser - then hands on heart deep meditation, then "find your rhythm and center' kriya! Deep relaxation and Smiling Buddha Kriya for Christ

You Are Divinity!

Warm greetings!!! Isn't this image incredible!? Let your heart explode ... within your being for the divinity inside you ... let all else drop away! Be the shining star that you are!!! That is the intent this week ... I'll be bringing in the symphonic gong which is what inspired this visual: heart-gong-radiance! Everything is

Crystal Sound Healing, Heart Chakra Kriya & Smiling Buddha (Christ Consciousness In You)

Sat Nam and warm greetings to you! This week we shall enjoy a new kriya that balances all chakras and channels it into our heart centre, opening deeper into self love, self healing and general integration with ALL that you are. I am bringing in my new divine GIFT of the Crystal Lyre, from Canada, with exquisite

Release Grief, Old Self, Attachment With Kundalini Yoga

Warm greetings to you!! This week let us explore grief, which we have all touched upon and know, even from childhood. Words are mere pointers and you may describe grief in a variety of ways: It is about the pain of letting go, the discomfort of inner change, the loss of a relationship or concepts.