Welcome to 2020 Kundalini Yoga for Women

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Welcome to an incredible 2020 with kundalini yoga elevation! Free gifts, specials and links to uplift! Enjoy... Sat Nam and blessings to you... it is so great to connect with you! It is my JOY to create these events and classes from a deeply inspired and heart & soul impassioned space! In this newsletter I

Epic Yogic Events Coming Up June July 2019

Ready to take a quantum leap? World Yoga will be the perfect event ... plus supportive Youtube Meditation included below...ย      Sat Nam dear Yogi!! Yes our annual amazing GLOBAL YOGA day is just around the corner, and our PERFECT chance to lift our vibration higher, and in turn help lift it for all,

WOMEN’s Kundalini Yoga – At The Norwood Hall

Sat Nam dear Yogis first of all thank you so much to all who attended our heart chakra fundraisers! It was incredible energy - very strong - do share more with me more by replying to this email ...I know a lot of us opened our hearts more deeply in a very real and tangible

January Kundalini Yoga Bliss

Sat Nam!! Happy New Year to You!!! Wishing you an amazing year of 2019! May it bring you amazing joy, laughter, and success in all that you dream of from your heart and soul! This year of 2019ย is a number 3 year! Quite a different energetic from the year before, which was all about self

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Divine Yogis! End Of Year Celebrations!

Warmest greetings to you!!! This newsletter has 3 parts to it. If you wish to learn about our December and January events and schedule and end of year charity class and party, them check the yellow boxed content below. If you wish to hear about kundalini yoga itself plus yogic wisdoms specifically from Yogi Bhajan,

November – December 2018 Kundalini Workshops & Classes

Sat Nam!!! Just a brief newsletter to keep you up to date and let you know what's happening with kundalini studio. Firstly thank you all for flowing so divinely and lovingly with the transitioning that is happening for me, and possibly for yourselves also - and for the awesome messages, from so many of you

Self Mastery Intensive!!! Changes To Classes For 2018!

Changes and Divine Invitation for you! Self Mastery Intensive! Sat Nam to you!! 2018 is a year of SELF MASTERY. It adds up to the number 11 and hence this year vibration/energetic has been inviting you throughout the year to rise up further into your empowered self, and to drop limitations. Have you noticed? What

Loyalty And Changes

Loyalty and Change How do you embrace changes and flow with the new offerings of the universe? Can we stay grounded, in the heart and expanded at the same time? Kundalini Studio and changes - sharing my story From a yogic perspective we know that the only permanent thing in life is CHANGE. Nothing ever

September-October 2018 Union With Self – Inner Alignment

Warm greetings dear fellow yogis! May this newsletter find you feeling great and ready to embrace even deeper inner alignment and truest fulfilment. Thank you for your feedback!!! I really appreciate it! I read all your feedback that you shared with me either online or personally or through client forms, and a common theme that

Kundalini Yoga in Greece

Join us for an amazing journey to Greece ...