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Gong Sound Bath ~ Meditation For Self-Connection ~ Kriya For Heart Healing

It is a Gong bath special this week!! In this newsletter I focus on the benefits and ways in which the gong works and why we use it in Kundalini Yoga. Sound is so potent and truly assists us to transcend, expand and recognise our true infinite nature .... The gong is a profound pure

Super Cleans And Release From Stress – Meditation For Inner Infinite Connection

What does yoga mean to you ...? It assists you to stay or become aligned in your posture, it offers you glandular health, if offers you increased fitness, increased mental capacity, better breathing skills, coping skills, it offers you so many things, even just time to yourself to stretch and release tension ... the ULTIMATE

Meditation Is The Key – Some Changes In Our Classes

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Our class dynamic has changed ... please read below. This will serve you even more to connect with your true inner self. This allows for greater presence and healing. This allows for greater awareness of self-talk, blocks, expectations and unconsciousness that no longer serves you and affects your life by limiting you to be true

Happy New Year Blessings For An Amazing 2016

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Happy New Year to you!!! View this email in your browser Warm greetings to you!!! Wishing you a wonderful new year in which your deepest soul wishes may come true ...  your deepest self, which I refer to here is the aspect of your being in union with life itself, with love, oneness, god ... your joyful soulful self, which