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10 Light Bodies Of Consciousness, Spiritual Art Class And Aura Spray Workshop

Now that we journeyed through the chakras in our own unique ways, what's next at kundalinistudio for you? 3 weeks of pure all chakra balancing integration. Sat Kriya, Kirtan Kriya and more kundalini yoga specific

Why And How To Cleans Your AURIC Field. Plus GIFTS And EVENTS!

  Get ready for some amazing events .... Auric field cleansing ... how to do it and WHY is it sooooo important .. and a little GIFT for you... just like the beautiful pure iceberg

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Special Lion’s Gate Today And YouTubes For You!

Finally .... I am learning how to YouTube more professionally .... and sharing them with you here ... and would LOVE your feedback ... Also today is the Lion's Gate ..  and a very potent

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New Special Events And Gifts For You!

Our divine chakra series ..... The deep dive has been amazing ... and continues ... .. and you can always join us anytime! Sat Nam dear Yogis! This August newsletter has many sharings, news and

CHAKRA Series Important Info To Empower YOU

Want to get the most from your kundalini yoga practise...? Here are the tips, plus Youtube for the chakra series! Starting this week .. casual attendance is as always completely welcome .. All ready to

Special Chakra Series Commence In July 2019

THANK YOU ALL! World Yoga was INCREDIBLE with you all! A ballroom full of divine beings (YOU) and immense presence ... joy, deep heartfelt prayers, release, chanting for healing and world peace, meditation, blessings being sent