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Chakras, Sound And Your Inner JOY

February is bonus sound bath month with all our classes! Either the symphonic gong, or the quartz crystal bowl will lift you into sound healing and deeper inner awareness. March- April marks a SPECIAL 8 week consecutive programme of journeying into the chakras, a deep delve into your dimensions of mind, emotion and physical expressions

Nature Outdoor Yoga Is Going Ahead For All Of January :-)

Let your life be an awesome adventure :-) Join us in the rain, sun, wind, sea and under the trees in the grass ... only this January. :-D View this email in your browser Share Tweet Forward Sat Nam!!!! Adventurous greetings to you!!!! The weather in Adelaide has been just wild! Not like we expected

Kundalini Yoga Is Back!!! Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Awesome joyful greetings to you!!!May this year bring you deepest joy and realisation of your incredible divinity and potential in this human embodiment!Classes will recommence tomorrow, Sunday the 4th of January, outdoors (Adelaide Botanical Gardens near the fig trees outside the Friend's Gate), in the shade! (more info further below under the image to

All About You

YOU are magnificence itself! Truth!!! Welcome to our BIG December/January newsletter. LOTS of info within. Take your time to explore and absorb and feel inspired! Warm joyful greetings to you all :-) Imagine yourself without limitation and only potential .. that is truly you! Every single moment ... right NOW !!!!! Yes!!!! Feel it, see

The Incredible Dimension Of Your Electromagnetic Field – Aura

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Understanding and keeping our auric field healthy and vibrant is one of most important practises we can give to ourselves ... it affects your entire life ... every aspect ... emotionally, physically, how we manifest/project, our overall wellbeing on every single level ... Warm joyous greetings to you!!!! This week we will go deeper into

Feeling boundless and connected to life itself ~ crown centre

Divine knowledge, understanding, acceptance and bliss are the key words associated with our crown chakra vortex of energy. What a gift! Let's delve deeper and balance this incredible chakra through awareness, sound and kriya that the ancient yogis shared with us .. deepest gratitude from all my being... it is ALL within US all... we

The mind serving us, rather than being a slave to the mind – third eye

When we open the third eye and learn to concentrate inside ourselves, we are able to have our mind serve us, instead of being a slave to the mind... the more we are able to hold an internal focus, the more our mind will get hooked on this bliss of our divine internal space and

Throat centre: releasing subconscious fears from expressing ourseves

Gifts of throat chakra balance: Releasing subconscious blocks of expressing our truth; listening to others with detachment; fearlessly speaking our truth; hearing our own truth; planting seeds with speaking from this awakened centre. View this email in your browser Share Tweet Forward Warm greetings to you!! Opening this energy wheel can bring about balance between

Oh yes! Divine heart and gong healing!

At the heart centre we open up to another dimension of reality ... we bring sacredness and the oneness of spirit into human form ... we are able to be real, act from integrity, compassion and caring ... for others and OURSELVES ... View this email in your browser Share Tweet Forward SAT NAM Dear

Personal power and freedom from subconscious fears

Are you in touch with your zest for life? Your internal source of strength? Do you feel alive, vibrant and centred? These are the qualities the Solar Plexus Chakra offers you .. in class we will balance this centre plus you will learn much more about this incredible centre within you .. more in the