Our class dynamic has changed … please read below. This will serve you even more to connect with your true inner self. This allows for greater presence and healing. This allows for greater awareness of self-talk, blocks, expectations and unconsciousness that no longer serves you and affects your life by limiting you to be true to you.
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Warm greetings to you!

If you have been to class last week you will already know what I am about to share here on this email in the next section.

The value of Silence /Presence/Inner Stillness

This has been my truth for a very long time, and now is the time to honour it fully by implementing it into the kundalini yoga space/classes.

I see our classes as a space for silence. Silence means simply that the inner focus is prioritised and deeply valued.

In today’s society there is so much to talk about, to respond to, to have an opinion about, to sign up for, to promote, to align with. So many obligations to socialise/talk in one form or another. Communication, meaning not just verbally (face-to-face or on the phone), but online, texting, at work, with partners, friends, family, in business with legal documents to sink a ship. There is more … Inner communications: Through books, through audio tapes, movies. We are always seemingly focussed to learn something and/or focus on the OUTSIDE.

This is the face of us knowing that your perfect answers, clarity and truths are within you! Always.

The mind can delude itself in so many ways, and borrow truths from people we happen to like, or admire, or want to emulate even. This happens quickly, unconsciously even. We see something in them that we want for ourselves, so we borrow a belief here and there and ignore our actual truth. We can’t let go of our unconsciously held beliefs while we are covering them up with new versions and added beliefs .. the mind and ego are an infinite complex web. To integrate this with your heart and soul (higher more subtle self) is the way to create authenticity and deep inner fulfilment from this alignment.

To communicate and be allowed to speak and be heard is huge and a gift also. For at one point it was not easy to express oneself through so many channels. Now we can be heard more. But are we truly? And silence does speak. And what about deeply felt words, rather than randomly scattered words, strewn around out of habit?

How much data/info/beliefs did you perceive/hear today, either inwardly through reading articles or watching youtubes, or from a chat with a colleague or friend? So which are you going to believe and quietly (unconsciously borrow?).

Could it be that less is more? That all this information is just hiding us from ourselves? Yes, books and information shared can read to awareness. But it is still not your direct experience.

Let’s tune into direct experience more. In stillness.

Life is presenting us an avalanche of ‘noise’ (some more seemingly useful than others) and admits all this, can you hear your inner voice??? So this is what the yoga space will offer you from now on. No obligation to speak, to connect, and deep intent to go deeper within. Honoured by all.

This is the issue to balance out, if anything, this need to chat and engage in an imbalanced way creates so much suffering and dysfunction, and loss of self-connection. To disconnect from ourselves is like muting yourself and not wanting to see God in you, divinity in you, and hence you can’t see it anywhere else, as you feel insecure, not enough, and fragile, incomplete somehow.

Hence you sometimes hear me say in class as we go into meditation … “What you are looking for is within you always!” I too remind myself.

There is no doubt of this truth. But believing thoughts /stories contrary to this can override this deep truth.

I feel strongly resonant to create a unique space by adding silence to our sessions from now on and always. We enter the class in silence and leave in silence. No pressure to socialise, and no focus on socialising and going outward.

Instead holding sacred the inner work that begins as you enter the space, and are in it, and at the end deeply staying connected as you move physically outwards into your world, while keeping the awareness of your inner sanctuary in tact.

The benefits are:

seeing how you feel about this – is there resistance?
seeing how much you love and have wanted this – is there deeper joy
seeing how far you can expand this into your every day life

exploring what comes up for you.
exploring your willingness to enjoy that inner space as a priority
noticing the revelations
going deeper into yourself
Are you running from it or uncomfortable within it at times? Make this ok and love yourself for it..allow it to be there and then notice what unfolds…

Kundalini yoga is geared (designed) towards you realising your source, which is all that is. To enter a powerful meditative state! It is self realisation. Self healing. Bliss. Peace. Here you know this: Completion, Inner fulfilment.

As you know we will use mantra to engage in voice, breath and sound current (Nada) to express via the throat chakra. This is not a suppression, but a yogic way to honour and balance and engage in all aspects of our being.

As we journey along life, we receive triggers to reveal to us where we are not wanting to embrace this divinity. Kundalini yoga perfectly stirs this up for us all. As does life! But kundalini yoga accelerates the seeing and healing.

This is a gift! So it can be seen, even if it is a tiny issue, it may be the size of a mustard seed (metaphorically speaking), but it will be seen. It will feel awkward, it will be met with resistance most likely. Subtle or strongly. And there are many forms of resistance. There are many ways in which the ego/ false self identity tries to hide the real self. The unconscious mind decided it did not feel safe to know its divinity at some point. It wasn’t met perhaps when you were a child. Conclusions were made within you, to keep you safe from such hurt of not being met.

This is massive exploration.

I have received many messages and all have been a great positive encouragement regarding this decision! Thank you so much for your feedback!!!! Let’s keep the space sacred. Let’s stay conscious of how we walk in, how we place our mats, how we start to move into ourselves.

As for communicating: You are welcome to chat outside the hall. You are welcome to text/signal to me that you wish to speak with me as your yoga teacher, and we can go outside the space and talk. E-mails are always welcome and phone calls can be arranged, private sessions too.

When new yogis arrive, I have to say hello and talk, this has to be the exception. I will keep it discreet and the energy in the room will support this to be graceful anyway.


Another change is that finally I found a wonderful way to make a non toxic yoga mat cleaner.

So I will be asking you to wipe down the mats from now on after your use.

And I strongly encourage everyone to bring your own mats.

The mats at the hall were initially there so when new students arrive, they can borrow a mat. Or if you forget to pack your mat we have one to borrow. It is much more hygienic to have your own mat. And also to have your own mat is a commitment to your yoga practise in the hall and outside the hall too.

You can buy amazing yoga mats for between $20 -$45 from Rebel Sport or yoga shops or online even. Treat yourself. It feels good.

It is commitment to your yoga practise … and you know yoga means union with yourself.

I am contemplating a $1 borrowing fee after the first class, to encourage this. Not sure about this yet.

Oceans of love, and feel free to reply to this newsletter with your feedback, questions, experiences!

Sat Nam!


Last weeks class was incredible! The transcendental kriya is so amazing that I have made it my home practise.

This week we are going into an equally powerful new kriya and meditation set.

It is a kriya for deeper meditation. Prepares the entire body to come into deep stillness. Most kriyas will do this by the way. This week’s kriya is just specifically about this. Other kriyas can have an added focus, for example like: working on the kidneys, or adrenals, or to open the heart, or to work the spine specifically, or digestion for example.

This kriya is establishing the subtle and powerful balance between the heart, lungs and the sex organs. You will correct incorrect flow of energy through the heart channels, regulate sexual energy (meridians) to be used for opening heart and higher consciousness; you will work the sciatic nerve and entire spine, and balance what we call the upper and lower chakra triangles. (More is explained in class); we will correct the gall bladder, heart and spleen meridians. You will work with the glandular system to regulate your hormonal dynamics.

In the end your mind will be calm and alert with a stimulated pituitary gland, with balanced magnetic field, and ready for deep meditation!!

Our meditation is called:
Guruda Mudra – for self-identification.

It says:
“Do this meditation when you need to know who you are. Guruda Mudra – “On which God sits to do miracles” ” – Yogi Bhajan


Whenever there is a manifestation of what is ordinarily called super-natural power of wisdom, a little current of Kundalini must have found its way into the Sushumna. When ever there is divinity in you, the Kundalini Power must have touched the central nerve. Only, the vast majority of such cases, people have ignorantly stumbled on some practise which set free a minute portion of the coiled up Kundalini.

All worship, conscious or unconscious, leads to this end.

The person who thinks s/he is receiving a response to his/her prayer, does not know that fulfilment comes from his/her own nature, that s/he has succeeded by the mental attitude of prayer, in awakening a bit of Infinite Power which is coiled up within her/himself.

From: To know God: by Vivekananda
Quoted by Yogi Bhajan 1975


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