Sat Nam dear Yogini

It is joy to write to you and to extend our April offer into May!
Also yes, class is on this Sunday at 4pm on mother’s day!

You can bring your mother or daughter for free, how divine!!!

Also below I have shared my latest YouTube where I take you into “meditation for a calm heart” … it is so relaxing and centering!

Let me know your thoughts!

I shall continue with the amazing kriyas and meditations for women, and currently we have no theme, except overall tuning up and toning up – body, mind- spirit!

We shall enjoy the pure high vibrational support of the essential oils also, with information about how they support our unique journey.

In all classes will be sound healing and integration.

Plus of course deep relaxation, for practising the powerful art of letting go, trusting the body temple, and going deeper into self-healing.

All classes are in Norwood and they are Thursdays 7pm and Sundays 4pm.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class with your own mat, blanket, waterย and pillow.

Also feel free to bring a journal to use the class’s wisdoms that resonate – and to note them down, to anchor them within you in a deeper way. This really helps to create cognitive change, new actions and deeper commitment.

Feel free to bring crystals or whatever you feel nurtures you!


I finally posted all our newsletters on the kundalini studio website – so if you are looking for previous newsletters and their information, you can access them there also.

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Below I am sharing some wisdom from the ancient yogis in our lineage and some recipes!

And thank you for sharing your presence with us in class!!

Blessings and

Abnashjot (Sabine)

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Your divine feminineย  ~ this is what we celebrate and honour and enhance in our classes…


If you are interested in taking a quantum leap, NLP and hypnosis sessions with me are incredible – within them you receive your own personal meditation and tools that are yogic and NLP based for major shifts that people often take 10x as long to release with many other traditional modalities, if at all.

All is in your unconscious mind! The programmes we run sit there, were created in childhood, birth, conception and past lives! I know as I recalled my own times in regressions and I also know this from my many clients. Powerful work! And links in perfectly with your yogic practise – why? Because as you release old limitations, your vibration changes, your diet often too, and your surroundings/people may change a lot too. To hold the new, higher, freer vibration you need to be grounded, and balanced in your chakra centres, otherwise another crisis or the next layer can be too challenging to move through. With harmonious yogic balance, the transformation is very graceful and easy!


If you are ready to work with me, I only work with people who are committed to really dive in. Not who just wants a quick fix and stay surface and not put effort in. If you’re not ready then that is perfect – truly. And not all of us have that much to work on. And all unfolds with grace, according to what YOU need and are ready for.

So if you do feel ready and align with my energy and what I offer, then what I ask for is a dedication to a minimum of 3 sessions and that you do the homework I give, which is always reasonable and to support your shift. I also need you to attend kundalini yoga once a week during that time, as this supports the process enormously and hence saves you money – a yoga class is $22 while a private session with me is an average of $150 (depending on circumstances). I LOVE to see you shine !!! More and mire, from your deepest divine heart and soul!!! I am 100% here for that!
Feel free to request the PDF from me with the details about NLP/hypnosis/women’s coaching packages. You will be fully honoured!



Meditation for a calm heart.. a very beautiful and quite easy meditation that takes you into a state of deep inner centredness in your heart chakra. I hope you enjoy the YouTube! In it I describe the technique, benefits and encourage you about how you can easily do this… the benefits are countless!


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Theย nobleย woman is the goddess which Almighty God worships. It is the altar to which God bows. It is the grace which produces God’s soul. It is the ultimate infinity of all virtues. It is the power of all kindness and blessing of God, and the noble woman is the essence of all prayers.โ€
ยฉ 1984 The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan



He (Yogi Bhajan)ย  impressed upon us that women are 16 times more powerful and intuitive than men, and her inborn capacity to excel in 16 times more than a manโ€™s.ย Coming from a culture where women have been treated as โ€œless than,โ€ we learned that we could accomplish anything if we looked to our souls and recognized our divine power.


Woman is the embodiment of Godโ€™s creative power, Shakti. Woman embodies the feminine aspect of God, through which He created the creation. That Primal Power is called the Adi Shakti and has been worshipped for centuries in the form of various goddesses. Every woman has that divine goddess power in her own being, waiting to be recognized. Kundalini power is Shakti power.

โ€œYou must look beyond the mirror! You are the spirit, you are the soul, you are the self. You are the honour, you are the source of all sources. You are the spirit, you are the soul, you are the self. You are the honour, you are the source of all sources. You are the redeemer of all redeemers. From you, this creation is born.โ€6/28/94

Through Kundalini kriyas and deep meditations, he taught us to find our depth and look within for our security, identity, and strength. He told us to be ourselvesโ€”to understand what it means to be a womanโ€”the sensitivity, grace, power, and nobility that we can manifest simply by virtue of being born a woman.

โ€œYour beauty, your duty, your makeup, your knowledge, your degrees, your education, and whatever else you may want to use to your advantage are based on only one thing: From beginning to end, you act as a woman in absolute grace.โ€

He taught special meditations for women, shared ancient secrets on health and diet for women, and lectured on virtually every aspect of a womanโ€™s life including love, relationships, men, marriage, communication, success, pregnancy, and child raising. He even had us marching in formation, going on survival hikes, and running an obstacle courseโ€”always building our self-esteem and reminding us of the divine nature of woman as the Grace of God.
He admonished us not to sell out our character values for short term benefits, and to never compromise our grace under any circumstance. He taught us how to embrace our vastness and projection of grace and nobility, never to be exploited.