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We are dedicated to honouring the pure practice of this ancient yogic technology.
In Kundalini Yoga, we use all aspects of yogic practice (posture, breath, awareness, relaxation and more) to create powerful transformative outcomes. These are swift & will rejuvenate and re-energise the mind, body & spirit.

Yoga Retreats & Workshops

About our Classes

Kundalini Classes

At a class you will learn and practice both physical postures, breathing exercises, stress release and relaxation techniques, guided imagery and affirmations, mantras, kriyas and meditations.


About The Venue

Our Main Location

We are at various locations, one is Norwood, the other Burnside.


About Your Teacher

Kundalini Studio Teacher

As your fully qualified teacher, I am passionate & utterly committed to guide and help you to fully be the creative being that you are, and hence achieve your greatest potential.


Kundalini Yoga and the Breath

This is the first youtube video created by Kundalini Studio, providing information about the many ways in which Kundalini Yoga can assist to enhance one’s life-experience profoundly. This video is a mini introduction to the breath.

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Heart Chakra, Free Yoga Events, World Yoga Celebration, And More!

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Warm greetings dear Yogis!  Thank you all for your divine presence in class, raising our frequency so high!  If you are time short, here are the most important news: This Tuesday 6th of June we

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High Frequency ! 😊🎉🌼🍃❤️🌻

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High Frequency ! 😊🎉🌼🍃❤️🌻 Warm greetings dear Yogis! Sending you all, as a collective, huge positive joyful vibrations!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 This is just a mini newsletter to let you know classes are going to be super

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Is Regular Practise Really Useful? What Is The Balance For You?

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Warm greetings dear Yogis! Sooooo ... is regular practise worth it, and what actual difference does it make in YOUR life?  Well there is much I can say ... Firstly: Everything we do in life

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I’m Soooo Excited!!!! Removing Tension And Negativity Kriya

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Warm greetings dear Yogis! For some reason I am super excited for this week ... a burst of immense joy and bubbliness poured through my being as I was guided by my inner stillness regarding

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About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is practiced in kriya form. A kriya is a “complete action”; meaning the exercises are arranged in a very specific synergistic order to have an overall calibrated effect.